How to Tell How Much VRAM I Have | 2 Easy Methods (with pictures)

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How Much VRAM I Have

As you know, the graphics card is a crucial part of your gaming experience. The more Video Random Access Memory (VRAM) it has the better your performance in high-end games. So how do you know if your graphics card has enough video memory?

Knowing how much VRAM you have can be challenging, but it’s essential to know for high-end gaming.

We all want the best graphics possible when we’re playing our favorite games. But if your dedicated video memory doesn’t have enough VRAM capacity, then you’ll experience lag and choppy gameplay.

The easiest way to check VRAM is by locating your video card specs on the package or on its physical card itself. If you’re not sure of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) specs, don’t worry! It should be listed on your computer specs page if you go into the control panel and find it there. Fortunately, Windows 10 makes it very simple to find out how much system memory your computer has.

Here’s a step-by-step to find out how much video ram your computer has.

Method 1: Using DxDiag

Step 1:

Click the START button in TASK MANAGER or click into the SEARCH BAR directly.

Step 2

In the SEARCH BAR, type ‘DXDIAG’ and hit ENTER. This brings up a Directx diagnostic tool window.

Step 3

Click the DISPLAY 1 tab at the top or click the NEXT PAGE button at the bottom.

Step 4

You will see a heading DEVICE in the top left of the box. Scroll down to see APPROX. TOTAL MEMORY and the number is how much VRAM your computer has in megabytes

Method 2: Checking Display Settings

Step 1

On the Desktop screen, RIGHT CLICK. A small menu will appear and click DISPLAY SETTINGS.

Step 2


Step 3


Step 4

You will see the VRAM displayed in megabytes under TOTAL AVAILABLE GRAPHICS MEMORY.


That’s it! Now you know how much VRAM your computer has, which means you can buy the right PC parts for high-end gaming! If your laptop has insufficient VRAM, it will not perform well with the latest game as it won’t process the graphics data, so you may have to increase VRAM. 

If you have low total memory, your video adapter can’t process complex graphics. For high-end gaming, the higher the VRAM, the better. You will also need to check your CPU and the amount of RAM you have, as those are essential to gaming.

If you’re ever suspicious about your PC specs, feel free to check them by using this guide! It’s super easy and can be beneficial for future-proofing and buying computer parts so that your Macbook Pro laptop or another computer will be able to run the newest games.

When you know the VRAM usage, it becomes a lot easier to make a good decision about which video cards and processors you’re going to buy from now on! 

Empire Laptops is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you.
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