How to Restart a Dell Laptop 

How to Restart a Dell Laptop 

Are you wondering how to restart a Dell laptop? There are different ways that you should be aware of if you own one. Remember, these are some of the most reliable laptops you can obtain when your new Dell laptop freezes up or gets bogged down. Here is what to do. 

Option 1: Windows Method 

This is the most common method of restarting your Dell laptop and is, in fact, the most advisable, as it will offer you an easy way out when problems with your machine arise from time to time. There are two main ways; either through the Windows menu option by pressing CTRL+ ALT+DELETE simultaneously or clicking on the shutdown option. 

Option 2: Force Restart Option 

You can choose to force restart your laptop, even though it may lead to some complications if not done right. Start by unplugging all the cables from your device before removing any external drives to avoid unnecessary draw-offs from your laptop’s battery. Once everything is set, press down on the power button for roughly 15 seconds to discharge the remaining power. Remember also to unplug anything in your laptop’s USB ports. 

Option 3: Use the Rest Button 

You can also restart your Dell laptop using the Reset button. Remember, this is generally different for every OS, just if you expected something common for both. If you are using Windows XP, press the CTRL+F11 keys in case of emergency or when your laptop’s screen goes dark as you use it. If you are using Windows Vista or 7, use the F8 key to rest your computer with secondary options such as Boot Manager Repair (Windows Vista) and System Restore (for Windows 10). 

Option 4: Power Button Option 

Did you know that you can easily restart your Dell laptop using the power button? Well, there you have it if you didn’t. If you are out of options, restart your computer by pressing and holding its power button until your computer goes off. However, remember to wait for seconds before powering it on again. Note that using the power button can resolve most of the issues crashing computers face, especially if they cannot boot. However, do not over-rely on this technique as you stand to lose your files

How to Restart a Dell Laptop | Frequently Asked Questions


What Should I Do If My Dell Laptop’s Screen Goes Black? 

Do not freak out if your Dell laptop’s screen goes black, which is normally easy to fix. You have to shut down your computer by holding on to the power button before unplugging the laptop and removing the battery. Afterward, press and hold the home button for roughly 60 seconds. 

My Laptop Does Not Turn on Despite Being Plugged In. What is the Problem? 

There are many reasons why a laptop may not turn on even though it is plugged in. Some of the common reasons behind this may be issues with the battery, power supply, graphics card, RAM, or motherboard. One of the first things to do in such a case is to check the computer battery and the power connector to ensure that the connection is not loose. If your efforts are futile after all these steps, there are internal components issues. 

Can I Restart a Dell Laptop’s Keyboard? 

Yes. You can easily restart a Dell laptop’s keyboard by holding down the CTRL and ALT keys and pressing the DELETE key. A dialog box with several options will appear if Windows is working correctly. However, if it doesn’t after a few seconds, press CtrlAltDel again to restart. 

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