How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay for Laptops?

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Pawn Shops

Selling your old laptop can be a hassle. You might not know what to do with it, you might need the money, or you want to get rid of it. Either way, pawn shops are the best place for you! 

The latest figures show you can get a minimum price of $40 and a maximum of $850 for your old laptop. At the same time, that’s an enormous price range, several factors to consider, such as the age, model, current market value, and overall condition.

Selling your laptop to a pawn shop is the fastest and easiest way to get cash. Pawnshops will buy laptops, tablets, and smartphones in any condition and generally pay more than anyone else. Plus, they offer instant offers without any credit checks or paperwork! 

The key is knowing what you should do before going into the store to make sure you don’t end up leaving with less money than expected.

Just go in with your laptop and provide proof of ownership, and they will make an offer within seconds! It’s so easy – all you have to do is walk out with cash in hand!

If you’re considering whether to sell your old laptop to a pawnbroker or trade it in for cash, then read on! We’ll tell you everything you need to know about how much money they offer. We’ve even included the average amount, so you get an idea of what other people are getting for their old laptops.

Pawn Shop Used Laptop Price Range by Brand

Among the most popular laptops brands are Apple, Dell, HP (Hewlett Packard), Lenovo (formerly IBM), and Toshiba. When considering their resale value, these five brands can be divided into high-end and low-end models.

High-End Laptops:

Apple – MacBook Air & Pro

Max: $1250

Avg: $355

Dell – Alienware

Max: $575

Avg: $260

Lenovo – ThinkPad & IdeaPad

Max: $460

Avg: $125

Low-End Laptops:

HP – Pavilion, Envy, Stream, Chromebook & ProBook

Max: $525

Avg: $85

Toshiba – Satellite.

Max: $325

Avg: $75


Max: $225

Avg: $40

The average laptop price is between $40 and $85 depending on condition, which means pawn shops pay less for low-end laptops at between $25 and $65. On the other hand, they pay more for high-end laptops, between $125 and $850.

It’s worth mentioning that these are average prices that don’t consider individual factors such as age or model. You can earn extra money if your laptop is in good condition, so it’s worth trying to sell it in that way if you can.

Pawn Shop Used Laptop Price Range by Condition

To get the best price for your laptop, you need to consider its condition. This is one of the main reasons selling to a pawn shop is a good idea because their offer will be based on current market value. Here are the different conditions and their associated price range.

New (Less than one year old, perfect working order)

Max: $950

Avg: $700

Very Good (1-2 years old, almost perfect working order)

Max: $800 Avg: $565

Good (2-3 years old, signs of wear but working order is not affected)

Max: $625 Avg: $375

Fair (3-5 years old, screen might be damaged or have scratches)

Max: $275 Avg: $155

Poor (over five years old, has multiple problems including broken parts)

Max: $65 Avg: $40

If your laptop is in perfect working order, then expect to get the most money. The best time to sell your computer is when it’s barely a year old because the price will be closer to $1000. The longer you wait, the less money you’re going to receive because the value decreases over time.

Don’t just rush into selling your laptop. Please take a moment to think about what you want from it and how much money you need before selling your computer at a pawn shop.

If you’re looking for more money, then try selling when the laptop is new, but if you need some quick cash, then go in when it’s several years old with minor problems. In both situations, you’ll get a good offer in exchange for your laptop.

Because pawn shops give instant offers, they are the best place to sell old laptops online. Be sure to check their website for any terms and conditions before going in because it saves time and money!

If you don’t like the offer you get, then decline and try another pawn shop!


Selling your laptop is a great way to make some extra cash. Now that you know the average prices you can expect to sell your old laptops under various conditions, you can use this information to decide what offer you want.

If you need quick money, go in when it’s several years old with minor problems, but if you need more money, then sell when the laptop is new. Smartphones and tablet PCs are becoming increasingly popular, which means their prices will be high in the future.

Selling your old laptop is an excellent way to make some extra cash, so take advantage of it!

Empire Laptops is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you.
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