Best Laptop Under 150 Dollars: (Top) 6 Reviews and Buying Guide

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We know it can be tough to find a good laptop for a great price. Let us help you out.

Best Laptop Under 150

Finding the best laptop under 150 dollars can be a daunting task. It takes some work to find the best laptop deal. You might have to spend hours researching all of your options or settle for something less than perfect. With so many different models and brands to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start.

Parents are expected to buy their kids a brand new laptop for school but often struggle to find the money to afford one because they are too expensive. But what if we said you could find a new laptop for less than $150? And not just on Cyber Monday!

In this article, we will review six of the best laptops under $150 and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about which one is right for you. We will also provide a buying guide to help you find the perfect laptop for your needs and budget.

So whether you are looking for a cheap laptop for basic use or a more powerful machine that can handle more intensive tasks, we have you covered!

Best Laptop Under 150 | Comparison Table

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Best Laptop Under 150 | Reviews

1. HP Chromebook (Best Overall Laptop under 150)

  • Fast and responsive touchscreen
  • Long battery life
  • Lots of connectivity options
  • Lightweight
  • 1-year warranty
  • Lacks processing power

2. ASUS Chromebook CX1 (Best Cheap Laptop under 150)

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Nice looking design
  • Well designed keyboard and trackpad
  • Fast boot-up
  • The screen resolution is below par

3. Samsung Chromebook 4 (Best Laptop for Students under 150)

  • Decent ‎Intel UHD Graphics card
  • Clear and bright screen
  • Affordable
  • No SSD storage

4. Lenovo Chromebook S330 Laptop (Best 14 Inch Laptop under 150)

  • 1.8GHz processor
  • Large display
  • Connect 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously
  • HD webcam
  • Lacks long-term durability

5. Acer C720 Chromebook (Best Small Laptop under $150)

  • Decent screen with anti-glare feature
  • Lots of connectivity ports
  • Lightweight
  • HD webcam
  • SSD storage
  • Poor audio

6. Dell Chromebook 11 (Best Laptop with RAM under $150)

  • Lightweight
  • HD display
  • Intel Celeron CPU
  • Chrome OS pre-installed
  • Only 16GB of storage space

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What can you do with a budget laptop costing less than $150?

If you’re looking for a cheap laptop, it’s important to know what you’ll be using it for. Here are some examples of useful things that you can do even on the most affordable computers:

Best Laptop Under 150

Watch videos

You can even use budget laptops to watch videos. While they may not have the best displays or sound quality, you can still use them to watch movies, TV shows, and other video content. Additionally, many budget laptops come with pre-installed versions of popular video watching software like Netflix and Hulu. This makes it easy to get started watching videos right away.

Listen to music

Like with videos, you can use budget laptops to listen to music. Many come with pre-installed software that allows you to access your favorite music streaming services. This makes it easy to get started listening to your favorite songs right away.

Read books and documents in PDF format.

Many people use their laptops for reading. This can be especially useful for students who are reading textbooks or papers that have been scanned into a computer-readable format. Suppose you’re looking for an affordable laptop with this capability. In that case, it’s important to ensure that the model you choose has enough storage space (usually 16GB or more) and a good PDF reading app installed.

Best Laptop Under $150

Surf the internet

You can use almost all laptops to surf the internet. This means that you can use them for checking email, browsing social media, shopping online, and more. In addition, many budget laptops come with built-in wireless LAN capabilities, making it easy to connect to the internet without using any cords.

Write essays and reports.

Many students use their laptops to write essays and reports. You can do this by using a word processing program Google Docs or writing directly in a web browser. In addition, many budget laptops come with built-in speakers, which can make it easy to listen to audio recordings of your work as you type.


You can use laptops for a variety of school-related tasks. In addition to the things listed above, you can also use them to take notes in class, do research online, and create presentations.

Laptop for Social Media

Social media

Many people use their laptops for social media. This can include checking Facebook, tweeting, and posting photos to Instagram. Less powerful laptops can usually handle these tasks without any problems.

Online shopping

You can use laptops for under 150 dollars for online shopping. This includes buying clothes, shoes, and other items from websites like Amazon and eBay. In addition, many budget laptops come with pre-installed software that allows you to make payments using your credit card or PayPal account easily.


You can use these laptops to check emails. This includes tasks like opening attachments and reading messages sent by other people in your inbox. Some models also have built-in cameras, making it easy to video chat with friends and family members who live far away from you!

Best Laptop Under 150 Dollars | Buying Guide

Here is our buying guide for the best laptop under 150 dollars. This article will help you understand what to look for in a budget model and how it can benefit your life.

Screen size:

One thing that you want to consider is the screen size of any laptops that interest you. Some people prefer smaller screens while others like larger ones. It all depends on what you plan to use your laptop for and how much space you have in mind when purchasing one. Many laptops in this price range have an 11.6-inch display, which means they are more compact and portable. The largest screen you can buy for less than $150 is 14 inches, but they are much less common. If you want a bigger screen, you’ll have to search for a renewed model or second-hand laptop.


The processor is one of the most important components of a laptop. It controls how fast your computer can run and what type of programs it supports. The best budget laptops will have a Mediatek or Intel Celeron CPU, but you can also find older models with AMD Sempron processors (they are cheaper than their Intel counterparts). If you want to use your laptop for more demanding tasks, like gaming or video editing, you’ll need to spend a bit more money on one with a better Intel Core processor.


Another important factor is the amount of RAM your chosen laptop has. This stands for Random Access Memory, and it determines how many programs your computer can have open at the same time. The more RAM you have, the faster and smoother your computer will operate. Most budget laptops have between two gigabytes and four gigabytes of RAM, but some can go as high as 8GB RAM (though these are rare in this price range).

Laptop Graphics Card


The graphics processor is responsible for the image quality on your screen. If you’re not a gamer and don’t plan to use your laptop for any intensive graphical tasks, then you can save money by getting one without a dedicated graphics card. However, if you want to watch HD videos or play light games, you’ll need something with better graphics. You can find laptops with integrated graphics processors from the Intel HD Graphics range in this price range.

Please remember that these laptops are not meant for hardcore gaming or multitasking, so the hardware reflects their use. If you want to do more than browse the web and check email, we recommend investing in a laptop with an Intel Core I series processor.


One of the most important factors to consider when buying a laptop is its storage space. This is because you’ll need someplace to store all your photos, music, videos, and other files. Most of the laptops in this price range have between 16GB and 32GB of storage, but a few offer more or less. You won’t be installing software on the computer as most of your work will be online apps-based.

If you want a budget gaming laptop, you will need to invest significantly more money and look for at least 512GB SSD storage. To put it in perspective, the latest gaming laptops offer up to 2TB SSD!

Battery life:

Another thing that you want to consider is the battery life of any laptops that interest you. Laptops with a longer battery life will last you longer between charges. The best laptops in this price range offer around five hours of battery life, but some can go as high as eight or nine hours on a single charge.


When buying any electronics, it’s important to make sure that you’re covered by a warranty in case something goes wrong. Most of the laptops in this price range come with a one-year warranty, but some offer more or less.


A touchscreen is not a deal-breaker, but it can be very handy to have one. Touchscreens are easier to use and make your laptop more versatile. You’ll get used to using them quickly once you start using one! However, they may not always work properly if they’re dirty or scratched up too much from being carried around.

Laptop Operating System Options

Operating system:

The three main operating systems are:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Chrome OS

However, for a laptop under 150 dollars, you get one choice, and that’s Chrome OS. Chrome OS is a cloud-based operating system built around the Google web browser. It comes with some software pre-installed and can run Android apps from Google Play Store.

You will need to establish your needs because Chromebooks aren’t compatible with Microsoft Office and other software and are mainly used with apps downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Please remember that Chromebooks are excellent for people who live their lives through Google products as they offer seamless integration. If you’re not heavily invested in the Google ecosystem, we recommend getting a Windows laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions


What should I look for when buying a laptop for 150?

The laptop’s storage space, battery life, and graphics are the most important factors to consider. You also need to decide which operating system you want. Windows or Chrome OS?

What is the best laptop for 150 dollars?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question as everyone’s needs vary. However, the HP Chromebook 14 is our top pick and a great choice for most people.

Do laptops under 150 have fans?

Yes, all laptops we reviewed have cooling fans to prevent overheating while in use. If you plan on using your laptop for more than four hours at a time, it’s worth looking into getting one because they help keep the laptop running cooler.

What is the difference between a Chromebook and a Windows laptop?

The main difference between Chromebooks and Windows laptops is that Chromebooks run on Chrome OS, a cloud-based operating system built around the Google web browser. They come with some software pre-installed and can also run Android apps from the Google Play Store.

On the other hand, Windows laptops run on Microsoft’s operating system, which comes with various software pre-installed and has compatibility for many programs such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop. They also offer seamless integration if you’re heavily invested in the Google ecosystem because most of their apps are available through Chrome OS!

How different are Chromebooks from regular laptops?

Chromebooks are very different from regular laptops because they use a cloud-based operating system and don’t have many other laptop brands’ features. Chromebooks run on Chrome OS, built around Google’s web browser; this means all activity takes place within it instead of being stored locally as with Windows PC or Mac.

Can SolidWorks be used on laptops with integrated graphics cards?

Yes, you can use SolidWorks on laptops with integrated graphics cards. However, it might not work and maybe slower to run than if used on a laptop with a dedicated graphics card. The difference in performance will depend on how powerful your processor or CPU is because that determines the speed at which data flows through the computer’s central processing unit. 

So, the better the processor, the better performance you’ll likely see with SolidWorks. Additionally, make sure your laptop has enough RAM (random access memory), as this will also affect how smoothly the software runs. Generally speaking, we recommend at least an eighth of a gigabyte (GB) of RAM for basic usage and up to 16 GB for more intensive tasks.

Should I buy an old laptop?

An old laptop may not be the best option, as they often don’t have the specs to run newer software and games. Additionally, some parts of older laptops may no longer be available for purchase, making it difficult or impossible to find replacement parts down the road. That said, if you can find a good deal on an old laptop that has a good processor and enough RAM, it might be worth considering.

What laptop should I buy for my 12 years old son?

The Samsung Chromebook 4 is the best cheap laptop for a student because it has a fast processor and plenty of storage space. It’s also lightweight, making it easy to carry around school all day long! It’s also very durable with its military-grade design that can withstand drops from up to four feet high without any damage. The Samsung Chromebook also has a built-in webcam, so your child can easily see the teacher during remote learning lessons.


In this article, we have reviewed six laptops under $150 and found the HP Chromebook 14 to be our top pick. It is a great choice for most people as it has a fast processor, plenty of storage space, and is lightweight.

We also looked at the difference between Chromebooks and Windows laptops and found that Chromebooks are very different from regular laptops because they use a cloud-based operating system. Lastly, we answered some common questions about laptop buying, such as whether You can use SolidWorks on integrated graphics cards or if an old laptop is a good option.

No matter what you’re looking for in a laptop, there are plenty of options to choose from. Depending on your budget and needs, there’s something out there that will be perfect for you!

Whether you need the best cheap laptop or one with more power, we’ve got reviews of 6 different models that might suit your current situation. We hope our buying guide has helped make this process easier by providing insights into how these laptops stack up against each other so that when it comes time to purchase one, you’ll know which is right for you.

And if all else fails? Contact us–our team members are ready and waiting to help provide guidance based on your specific needs!

Empire Laptops is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you.
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